SABA-ARA: Supplier Analytical Bunker Assistance

SABA® (Supplier Analytical Bunker Assistance) is a unique quality system offered by Camin Cargo Control NWE, developed and introduced into the Antwerp bunker market in 2002. It is now used by the vast majority of bunker suppliers based in the ARA.

With the SABA® programme Camin Cargo Control NWE provides its clients with a full quality control process from the point of barge loading through to discharge, including sampling, analysis, online sample data storage, personal online access and sample retain and destruction.

The SABA® quality system, successfully helps bunker suppliers to manage their sampling, lab testing and storage needs and allows them to get on with operating a better quality service towards their customers. As a result the bunker supplier will be able to quickly identify the problem and take corrective action in case a quality dispute should arise. The SABA sampling and testing program can be incorporated at any time in the process of the Quality Management System of each bunker supplier.

The SABA® programme is currently available to bunker suppliers operating in the Antwerp, Rotterdam and Amsterdam region.

The key elements of SABA® are:

  • Training of the barge crew on best practice for sampling;
  • Barges are continually provided with SABA® self-sealing sample bottles and labels;
  • Barge crews obtain representative samples of all fuels delivered to the barge and all fuels discharged from the barge;
  • Sample pick-up at the barges;
  • Sample analysis in our laboratory;
  • All test results are accessible online via the SABA® website;
  • For load samples all test results will be available online within 3 hours;
  • Samples can be tested for additional parameters on a random basis, again to monitor quickly through the supply chain;
  • Samples will be stored for 3 months and can be recovered at any time in case further testing should be required;
  • Proper disposal and destruction of all samples is included;
  • Legal and/or technical assistance at hand.


Please also see our video for more information about our SABA quality System:


Certified to ISO 9001:2015